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Really great to have the Biolytix BF6 rebuild done recently. Pedro and Mark were tireless and professional on the day. Their preparedness and focus was incredible and patiently answered all my dumb questions. I have a good feeling that this system that I've been limping along will last a long time now. Also thanks to those friendly staff Justine and Simone on the admin side handling the quote, order, service agreement, post outs, updates and documents, etc. Great teamwork Water Installations!

D. Huizinga, WA.

Ross and his team always provide great advice in all matters on wastewater, greywater and rainwater, always happy to recommend them.

Plot Design

Fully recommend Water Installations for rain and grey water solutions. Apart from being good people to deal with who know their stuff, their solutions are fit for purpose and affordable. Having just finished our build with rain and grey water fully plumbed in, Water Installations provided us with the right options to make it all work from first rainwater flush, tank isolation, filtration and servicing. Thanks again Ross, Mark and Pedro.

A. Marr, WA.

Thank you Water Installations for your prompt service. We requested a service person to attend the next day after we found a fault with our Biolytix system and presto he was there. We even received a phone call before his arrival. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Pedro for the great work he did the other day along with the advice he provided, we appreciate his diligence and professionalism. 

Larry and Lisa Bayley

Ross Mars did a fantastic job on stage 1 of our water plan on our 1 acre Mundaring property. We trenched the mains water down the fence line, laid all the pipework for two future water tanks and a greywater system plus all the electrical cabling, a 12-station controller, solenoids, header pipe and two taps. And I got to play with the Dingo for hours! Great job, thanks Ross.

J. Thierfelder, WA.

We have appreciated their prompt service a couple of times when we have experienced issues with tanks/pumps etc on our property. Thanks guys!

L. Mitchener, WA.

Brilliant team! Very professional and knowledgeable. This a one stop shop for all your grey water reuse requirements and they make and install rainwater tanks, for all your water collecting needs. We live on the driest continent ( yes bar Antarctica) on the planet and we are only getting dryer. It's vital that we save and reuse as much of this priceless resource as we can. Do it for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for your planet :)

J. Walsh, WA.

Water Installations are a lovely, small family owned business. They are hard workers and will bend over backwards for their customers. I highly recommend this company for Rainwater Tank, Septic System, Greywater System advice

J. L. Moltoni, WA.

Very friendly family business.has great staff who will provide awesome,professional service.highly recommend.

R. Gayde, WA.

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