Greywater Reuse on our Gardens

We can never have enough water. Many of us enjoy our gardens, and love to grow plants, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, enjoy a nice herbal tea and just sit and admire the flowers, bees and butterflies. Our gardens really suffer in summer as they require a fair of amount of water just to survive, let alone thrive.

Installing a greywater system, that captures and utilises recycled water from the laundry and bathrooms, can significantly reduce our mains or bore water consumption during the drier months.

To calculate how much water you can save, simply multiply the number of people in your home by 100. This gives you the daily volume of greywater. For a typical family of four this equates to well over 100,000 L each year. That’s a lot of water! - water that can go on gardens so we can enjoy this amenity or onto food plants so our family benefits.

Do-it-yourself greywater systems cost about $2,700, and that includes instructions and all the irrigation components required for the install.

A full installation, including Council fees and application, plumbing materials and irrigation laid in garden beds, can be as little as $6000 but every site is unique and a site-specific quote is always required.

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