Bioactive® Toilet Paper - 2 ply 400 sheet - Carton of 48 rolls
Bioactive® Toilet Paper - 2 ply 400 sheet - Carton of 48 rolls
Bioactive® Toilet Paper - 2 ply 400 sheet - Carton of 48 rolls
Bioactive® Toilet Paper - 2 ply 400 sheet - Carton of 48 rolls

Bioactive® Toilet Paper - 2 ply 400 sheet - Carton of 48 rolls

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Say goodbye to frequent pipe blockages!

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Bioactive toilet paper maintain drains and clean pipes reducing purging operations. No more unpleasant odours in sewerage lines, including pipes, trap tanks, septic tanks and cesspools. 

Enviroplus Bioactive® Toilet Paper delivers unprecedented innovation through the incorporation of internationally patented BATP® technology.
BATP® consists of a synergy of five natural micro-organisms, safe for personal use and the environment.

The micro-organisms infused in the toilet paper, only activate when in contact with water, and in turn, produce enzymes that biodegrade encrustations and organic substances present in pipes and sewage systems.

Enviroplus Bioactive® Toilet Paper prevents unpleasant odours, cleans pipes, drains to reduce purging operations. By enabling constant wastewater flow it reduces the risk of sewage systems clogging.

With regular use, you will start to see significant results in just four weeks, such as reducing sewage and septic cleaning and cutting down maintenance costs. With ongoing use of the paper, the cleaning action never ends.

How it works? Enzymes are activated when in contact with water and degrade organic matter, resulting in cleaner pipes.

Bioactive is Environmentally friendly, PEFC™ certified paper. Treated with 100% naturally occurring, eco-friendly, non-pathogenic microorganisms. 

What does PEFC™ Certified mean? Click here 


  • Around 300 million hectares of forest area (or 740 million acres) are managed in compliance with PEFC's internationally accepted Sustainability Benchmarks - that's roughly the size of Egypt, South Africa and Turkey combined.
  • Two-thirds of all certified forests globally are certified to PEFC.

  • Currently more than 19,800 companies and organizations have achieved PEFC Chain of Custody certification.

  • One-third of all Chains of Custody globally have been awarded by PEFC.

  • 49 national members and 42 endorsed national certification systems have joined forces under the PEFC umbrella to collaboratively promote sustainable forest management.

  • PEFC certification is a standard of choice for public timber procurement policies in e.g. the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan, in addition to numerous private timber procurement policies.

  • Based on joint research, PEFC and FSC concluded that in mid 2017, over 71 million hectares (or 16.5%) of global forest area are double certified, and the total global certified area in fact is 431.4 million ha. Double certification exists currently in 31 countries.

Mission & Vision  "We are committed to conserving forests and their invaluable biodiversity, and the communities and families that own, work, and live in and around forests."

Bioactive paper is the only paper on the market that is Global Greentag Certified (and is a carbon positive paper) and every carton sold ABCO donates money back to Greenfleet. Turning paper back into trees!

Bioactive® Toilet Paper is not recycled. The microorganisms infused in to the paper would not survive the recycling process and die.

We do have recycled toilet paper available to purchase, please click here

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