Grease Destroyer

Grease Destroyer

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Standard Grease Destroyer - Preventive care

Grease Destroyer is a bacterial product containing advanced biological technology specially formulated to eliminate odours and digest fat, oil and grease (FOG) in grease trap and grease collection systems. Grease Destroyer is ideal for use in the institutional food and service hospitality industries.

Grease Destroyer MAXX - Heavy Duty Emergency Care

Has been specifically formulated for systems with a history of excessive fat, oil and grease (FOG) related problems. This powerful    concentrate employs the effective FOG and odour control technology contained in  the Standard Grease Destroyer but at higher concentration levels which allow for its use more difficult systems. Regular use of GD MAX will significantly reduce noxious odors and also reduce costs associated with excessive grease pump loads.

*Also available in 10L, 15L, and 20L - Give us a call on 9295 6263

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