Shower Blitz™
Shower Blitz™
Shower Blitz™

Shower Blitz™

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Wet Spray and Walk Away - It is that easy!

Shower Blitz™ is ready to use and contains cultured bacteria that eats away and decomposes hard to remove soap scum and prevents the growth of mould. The bacteria bio-degrades matter rather than mask or bleach the problem.

Shower Blitz™ works upon application so those hours of tough scrubbing and cleaning are a thing of the past! You can use it all over the shower, tiles, sink, and toilet.

Shower Blitz™ is completely environmentally friendly and 100% Chemical Free!

Ideal for

· Showers, tiles and toilets

· Ideal to remove grease, fat mould, mildew.

· Domestic use

· Hospitality industry, hotels and motels

· Age care facilities and nursing homes

· Child care facilities and kindergartens

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