TankSafe™ Rainwater Tank Purifier

TankSafe™ Rainwater Tank Purifier

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TankSafe™ Rainwater Tank Purifier

TankSafe™ works to kill organisms or pathogens rendering the water safe to drink. The major advantage of this is it is cost-effective, easy to apply and monitor, and this remedy does not leave harmful residues.

Puretec TankSafe™ is low cost and non-toxic.

While most chemicals used for water disinfection are toxic (some are even known carcinogens), Puretec TankSafe™ will stay in your tank and keep it protected from bacteria and pathogens for up to 2 months.

An innovative product that can kill up to 99.9% of all germs, bacteria and viruses in your rainwater.

Why treat your tank water?

Unfortunately, whilst rainwater starts out pristine, it is quickly contaminated and by the time it reaches our taps it is often unsafe to drink because micro-organisms from animal and bird droppings, decaying vegetable matter and dirt can contaminate the water. There are always low levels of bacteria in tank water and if left

without treatment these levels can get out of control – you get smelly, stagnant water which is unsafe to drink.

How does it work?
Tanksafe is composed of Hydrogen Peroxide [H202] and Silver Nitrate [AgNO3]. Hydrogen Peroxide is a compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the Oxygen is what kills the harmful organisms.

This means the compound breaks down into water and oxygen. The silver nitrate is well recognised for its extremely low toxicity and is used in combination as it exponentially increases the biocide effect and renders the hydrogen peroxide more stable both in storage and after the disinfection has taken place.

Directions for use
Pour the required amount of TankSafe in your rainwater tank. Test 24 hours after dosing with TankSafe to ensure appropriate dosing has taken place.

To check levels of protection after dosing, immerse a TankSafe test strip in the treated water for 1 sec and let the strip sit for 15 sec, then compare to the colour chart indicator.

To ensure continuous safety, test a minimum of every 2 - 3 weeks or after a significant rainfall.

Recommended dosage is 65 ml. per 1000 litres of tank volume, depending on the pollution grade. Follow the table to find the correct dosage for your water volume.

Requires 24 hour contact time.

Volume of water
to be treated
Required dosage
of TankSafe™
1,000 L 65 ml.
5,000 L 330 ml.
10,000 L 650 ml.
22,000 L 1400 ml.
32,000 L 2000 ml.
80,000 L 5,000 ml.
160,000 L 10,000 ml.
240,000 L 15,000 ml.
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