Dam Buster™

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Product Details

Dam Buster’s unique formulation of amino acids, oxygenation and high concentrations of specially selected beneficial bacteria ensure high rates of biomass growth.
This rapid biomass growth is what gives Dam Buster™ the ability to quickly digest organic solids and remove the need for costly and messy mechanical removal of sludge from manure lagoons.

Working from the bottom up Dam Buster™ consumes the nutrients that algae need to survive leaving irrigation and watering dams cleaning and clear. Traditional Algaecides merely poison the algae which then sinks to the bottom increasing the organic loading and severity of future blooms. Dam Buster™ is a proven, cost-effective and environmentally solution for your dam cleaning. It will not harm fish or other aquatic life and comes in 250g soluble bags that dissolve easily and safely in contact with water.

Product Specifications

PH range: 6 -10 Temperature Range: 5°c – 55°c
For more information, please refer to SDS in the resources tab or visit Safety Data Sheets.


4 Bags, 8 Bags, 16 Bags, 32 Bags, 56 Bags, 80 Bags.

Dosage Rates

As a rule of thumb the dosage rates are:

  • Weeks 1-2 4 sachets/megalitre
  • Weeks 2-8 3 sachets/megalitre
  • Ongoing 2 sachets/megalitre.

This assuming the dam cleaning is relatively clean and the water coming into is also relatively clean.

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