Greywater Reuse Systems - Greywater Filter Kits
Greywater Reuse Systems - Greywater Filter Kits

Greywater Reuse Systems - Greywater Filter Kits

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GRS-Horizontal Filter Specifications

WA DoH Approval F-AA-09931

The Greywater Horizontal Filter (GRS-H) model is used to filter greywater for whole-house diversion from the bathroom/s and laundry, removing any hair or lint before the effluent passes into an infiltration area.

The Greywater Horizontal Filter has a safety overflow device which enables wastewater to re-enter the existing treatment system should the need arise. Furthermore, a diverter valve enables the householder to manually turn on or off the diversion capability during winter or at other times. After filtration, the greywater is then passed into an approved subsurface drain system or dripline system where it can be absorbed by plants. 

DIY Kit Supplied or Full Installation
This Greywater system can be fully installed by our Water Installations team, or we can supply as a DIY kit. When supplied as a DIY kit, you will need to organise all council application/approvals, a licensed plumber to connect, an electrician to provide power and carryout all the labour yourself to dig and install the entire system. You can save a lot of money doing it this way! 

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Greywater is filtered through a commercially produced fibre filter bag (e.g. 200-300 μm nylon bag) which is able to be easily removed via two moulded handles. The bags are 500 mm long and fit tightly into a standard 150 mm DWV housing.

Should the filters be blocked, or too much water enters the filter body, greywater is automatically diverted to sewer via an overflow device. This device redirects wastewater from the existing system to a disconnector gully return or directly to sewer via a reflux valve.

The filter will need regular removal and cleaning, or eventual replacing if the pores become completely blocked. Cleaning should occur fortnightly, unless excessive laundry or bathroom use has occurred and cleaning may need to take place after one week. It will soon become apparent if wastewater cannot drain away through the bag after a visual inspection (unscrewing the lid).

The Greywater Horizontal Filter is made from standard DWV fittings and pipe. The main filter body contains the filter bag. The UV-stabilised 90 mm rotary valve is positioned just before the filter to enable greywater flow to the filter body to be stopped, and then redirected towards the sewer line. All PVC-U pipe and fittings comply with AS/NZS 1260:2002 and carry the ‘W’ identification or standards endorsement.

The Greywater Horizontal Filter is typically buried and can accommodate large flows from both bathrooms and laundry due to the longer filter bag and larger DWV pipe and fittings. The filter body is laid so that the inspection cap is at ground level, or able to be accessed to remove the filter. Both the inlet and outlet manifolds are composed of 100 mm pipe and fittings. Riser pipe and fittings can enable the body to be buried below natural ground level, provided access is still achieved.

Please call our office to obtain a Price List or email plans through for a Quotation.

Phone: (08) 9295 6263

    Installation Requirements
    The installation and connection of this filter system must be undertaken by a plumber licensed under the appropriate Plumbers Licensing Regulations found in each state. The plumber must obtain approval from the Sewerage Service Provider for any required connection or modification to the plumbing works connected to the sewer system. The installation must also comply with AS/NZS 3500:2 (2003).

    The installation of any greywater reuse system must also be approved by the local government authority, and will require a formal application to be made to the Local Government. Contact the Environmental Health Officer/Inspector at your local council about their requirements and fees.

    The specifications and installation procedure is found on the document “GRS Filter Installation and Specifications”. This document outlines how the filter bags are installed and removed. All other components are either moulded or glued in position. The rotary diversion valve is able to be unscrewed to enable changes to flow direction, and for cleaning.

    Do’s and Don’ts, to ensure the maximum life of your GRS Filter system, the following are helpful suggestions:

    • Use environment-friendly soaps and detergents. Select washing powders or liquids which contain low levels of phosphorus and sodium. Generally, liquid laundry detergents have lower levels of salts than powders.
    • Greywater should only be applied as subsurface or substrata irrigation of plants. Greywater must not be sprayed onto edible (food) plants. While you can irrigate above-ground food crops, there should not be contact of any edible fruit or vegetable part with the soil.
    • Do not overuse bleaches, fabric softeners or washing products containing borax or chlorine. Try to minimise the use these substances, and purchase biodegradable products wherever possible.
    • Do not use greywater from the washing of nappies and/or soiled clothing.
    • Do not use greywater from any source if a member of the family has an infectious disease, such as diarrhoeas, intestinal parasites or infectious hepatitis.
    • Greywater must not be stored for any length of time. Stored greywater will turn septic and cause unpleasant smells.
    • Divert greywater from your system back into the sewer line during winter when your garden may not need additional watering.
    • Monitor plant and soil response to greywater irrigation. Some plants do not survive in alkaline or salty soil conditions.

    Warranty - twelve months warranty, from the date of installation, is given on the GRS Filter, as well as any diverters supplied by Water Installations Pty Ltd.

    The Greywater Horizontal Filter should not be connected to any toilets or kitchen outlets.

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