Puretec EMR2 Series
Puretec EMR2 Series

Puretec EMR2 Series

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EMR2-25 and EMR2-40
High Flow Dual UV Whole House Water Filtration Kits
The whole house system for safe and healthy water at every tap.

Puretec EMR2 systems are specifically designed to kill harmful organisms in untreated water supplies. These systems are to be used in areas with high risk of bacteria and cysts contamination, or for those seeking to have peace-of-mind that their water is being properly disinfected prior to use.

This system turns your rain/bore water into safe, bacteria-free water . It kills bacteria using the most advanced Radfire Ultraviolet Technology to protect the whole family from the many nasties that get into rainwater.

  • Platinum Performance Product

  • Designed for Rainwater

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria

  • Dual stage filtration for extra sediment capacity

  • Taste & odour removal

  • Uses Radfire™ ultraviolet technology

  • Designed for alternative water supplies

  • High sediment capacity

  • Low maintenance, no moving parts

  • Energy efficient

Enjoy safe purified water at every outlet in the house. The EMR2 Series system is highly effective and efficient in reducing taste, odour, chemicals and sediment in your water, giving good general purpose filtration as well as eliminating bacteria. The Puretec Ecotrol™ EMR2 series system is a logical choice for people concerned about bacteria in water. The system provides safe water throughout the house and is affordable for all.


The Puretec EMR2 series system incorporates the most advanced filtration technology. It uses Radfire UV technology to kill bacteria, a washable sediment filter cartridge and a carbon cartridge to remove bad taste and odour.
The Radfire™ Ultraviolet technology is a natural process of water purification that is eco-friendly and chemical free. Heavy duty construction allows more flow with less pressure, making it a better option where there is more usage or very dirty water. 


The Puretec EMR2 series incorporates Puretec’s long life filter technology, so you can go longer between filter replacements, and comes with our 3 Year Platinum Protection Warranty.

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