Stink Off™ Wipes

Stink Off™ Wipes

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Stink Off™ Wipes are a natural way of cleaning your pet. 

Safe for eyes, ears, hair, skin, butts and to lick!

  • Naturally derived formula
  • pH balanced
  • Supports hair health
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cleans away dirt and odour

** Perfect for pets who DO NOT like water or to be bathed!

Stink Off™ Wipes are specially designed to bath puppies and kittens and to help remove dirt and unpleasant smells from your pet after walks, during rainy days,  playing in the park, on the beach or just for in between baths.

These wipes contain a gentle cleaning formula with a pH balance to match your pet's skin and contains moisturizers to support animal skin softness and coat conditioning.

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